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Episode 15: Lambapalooza

Episode 15: Lambapalooza

Sorry for taking such a long break, but Amy has been up to her ears (sometimes literally!) in lambs on the farm and has just not been capable of getting something coherent recorded at a decent hour when Heather was available. We hope the deluge of lambing craziness is over and we can get back to a more normal schedule for recording.

History Unwound in Colonial Williamsburg, VA
Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival

Franklin Habit, cutest knitwear designer alive
Donna Druchunas, stranded knitting maven

Podcasts I like:
The Knit Girllls

Trunk Show Saturday, March 28 at Mosaic Yarns in Roanoke with Gerschubie Fiber Arts

Olde Liberty Fibre Faire, Bedford, VA

Picnick Knits- Donny Cowl, Cordelle Shawl, Sideswept Socks, Sardinian Shawl

Homespun Yarn Party, Savage Mill, Jessup, MD
Featuring SpaceCadet Yarns, Wandering Wool

Magnificent Millie
The Mill at Meadowlands

Power Scour, Fiber Wash and Fiber Rinse from Unicorn

Kentucky’s Hot Brown

Festival Shawl
Sideswept Socks
Laura Nelkin The M Club shipment 1 ”Phi for You
Atlantic Current Socks
Through the Loops MKAL Socks

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