Episode 13: Line Knitting

Episode 13: Line Knitting

Come see us at Four Purls Yarn Shop TODAY!!!!!!

They traveled to…

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort & Villas

Four Purls Yarn Shop

They knitted…

A “scarfy thingy” in handspun random braid from Scarlet Fleece knitted in continental style

Atlanitic Current Socks by Melissa Sibley

Kirsten Kapur’s MKAL Sock in my Romney

Lucky 7 hat by Sarah Punderson

Plain sock in Wandering Wool sock yarn in a lovely green

They talked about…

(Check our her sock yarn blanket on Instagram)

KSC Designs bags

They enhanced stash with…

Desrt Visa Dyewworks

Yarn shop in Black Mountain

Fabled Fibers sock yarn in Asheville

Madelinetosh sock in a dark plummy purple

Dream in Color Club yarn in the January 2015 colorway from Kid Ewe Knot

They launched…

The Tail in a Twist Cowl in Corriedale yarn from the Ross Farm in hand-dyed colorways from Gerschubie

Traveling Companion kits

Through the Loops shawl yarns

and brought “boocoodles” of yarn!

What you want to hear about…

Our sheep are “sacking up” in preparation for lambing (that means they are developing udders full of milkfor baby lambs to nurse!)

First to go in lambing are: Cotswold, Shetland and the new Leicester Longwools (mostly colored) that we added this year from MN

Traditional sheep breeds ‘go into heat’ in the fall triggered by the change in seasons and the temperature change to cooler nights. It’s wierd science.

We ate at..

Rose & Crown British Pub  at EPCOT

Johnnie’s Hideaway at The Crossroads in Orlando, FL

Look up the Orkney Islands here

Cotswold Cheese info

Scotch Egg – hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage and fried

Cider and Black – Hard Cider with black currant juice

Mexico Pavilion – San Angel Inn – Enchiladas Verde con Pollo

Narcoossee’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian

Ice wine is awesome!

They did ”unglamorous” stuff…

Tagged yarn, skeined yarn, prepped kits, received morenew yarn back from the mill to skein, tag, prep and ball roving for the next show!

They have interesting developments…

Drew will be taking “Ross Farm Team 2” on the road to do shows on his own!

Big Wayner will be doing a show in Charlotte by himself!

(Be kind to the new kids!) 🙂

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