Episode 12: Revving up for the Road

Episode 12: Revving up for the Road

They are heading to…

Four Purls Yarn Shop in Winter Haven, FL on January 25, 2015 from 1-5pm! Join the Transient Wool Merchants as we take our yarns to the Sunshine State for our first ever JOINT TRUNK SHOW!!! We will have a special Top Secret collaboration for this special show!

They are knitting….

Lightning Fast Mittens by Hill Vintage and Knits **Free on Ravelry**

Lucky 7 Hat by Sarah Punderson

Atlantic Current Socks by Melissa Sibley In Cherry Tree HIll

Mystery Sock 2015 by Kirsten Kapur

Juego by Laura Nelkin

Acorn Trail Cardigan by Amy Herzog

They finished…!

Mama Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker

The Traveling Companion Shawl by Karen Strauss

They’ve enhanced the stash with…

Tonalita by Trendsetter Yarns

Tristan by Knitting Fever

My Fat & Fabulous 2.0 in the Ellyn Cooper’s Yarn Sonnets colorway

Amy suggested Wayne buy Heather a gift at….

Tolt Yarn & Wool in Carnation, WA

They’ve looked at around the web…

Dani’s etsy shop! KSC Designs

Honey Cowl  by Antonia Shankland

Discounted Brand Name Yarns


Random stuff she talked about…

Bond Street by Kirsten Kapur

SpinOff Magazine article: The Leicester Sheep by Kate Larson

Info on Cheviots: http://www.cheviots.org/

Space Cadet

Wandering Wool

HomeSpun Yarn Party in Savage Mill, MD

Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival in Pittsburgh, PA

Made Sewing Studio in Seattle, WA

Laura Nelkin’s M Club



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  1. K Frer

    Just wanted to leave a comment regarding your woes coordinating Etsy vs. show sales. Have you tried out the Etsy card reader? It looks and works just like a square reader, and updates your online shop contents in real time as you sell in person – it works through their app.


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