Episode 10: Playing Yarn Chicken

Episode 10: Playing Yarn Chicken

They talked about…

Countdown Challenge 2014 – New Prizes added

1. Lucky 7 by Sarah Montie

2. Handled Box Bag by KSC Designs

3. Pattern selections from Structured Stitches by Amy Maceyko

More show notes to come!


One thought on “Episode 10: Playing Yarn Chicken

  1. sophy0075

    If you can fit your stash into a box, Gershubie, you don’t really have a *stash*. “Stash” is – “requires it’s own closet, or better yet, it’s own room.” “Stash” is – “hide it in various places around the house so spouse cannot identify the true size of one’s fibery hoard.

    I find Ravelry’s stash listings to be very helpful, for linking to possible uses for said yarn or fiber, and also for locating where in the heck I’ve hidden the stuff (see sentence #3 above).

    PS. Amy – I still have some of Eden spun that I didn’t use all of for my Mrs Hunter’s Cat shawl (which, btw, I copied the idea of multiple colors of naturally-colored yarn from the shawl you wore at SAFF 2013 [the Polar Vortex SAFF]). One day I will use it in a tea cosy with some Colonial Williamsburg ecru LL (now, Revelry “queues” I don’t use – the length of my queue would terrify me if I actually listed it out).


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