Episode 20: Guess who’s on the dinette?

Episode 20: Guess who’s on the Dinette?

This week we are recording from Interlake RV Park in Rhinebeck, NY and we have a guest! Joelle of Wandering Wool is on the dinette in the camper this weekend to help us out in the booth at New York Sheep and Wool. We have big plans including the Indie Untangled Event and Jill Draper Makes Stuff’s Open Studio in Kingston.

Episode 16: Retail Therapy!

Episode 16: Retail Therapy

Please pardon the pack of barking Chihuahuas… I had no idea how noisy they were while we recorded. Turns out, I had locked poor Scooterpie out and he was trying to get my attention to let him in. Ooops!!

Mosaic Yarn in Roanoke
Homespun Yarn Party recap – AWESOME!!
Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet – New location, great show!

Yummy Joints:
Our Daily Bread – Cave Springs, VA
419West – Cave Springs, VA
Church Brew Works – Pittsburgh, PA
Grand Concourse – Pittsburgh, PA
Clyde’s of Columbia – Columbia, MD
Seasons 52 – Columbia, MD

Stash Enhancement:
Space Cadet
Apple Tree Knits gradients
Wandering Wool
Three Irish Girls
Twisted Fiber Arts
Two Toes Self-striping
Tink Yarns
Sin City Knits, Las Vegas

On the Needles
Festival Shawl
Windowpane Shawl in Zauberball
Phi for You in Caterpillargreen self-striping shawl yarn
Atlantic Current Socks
Sideswept Socks

See us at:
Carolina Fiber Fest, Sanford, NC
Cottage Yarns, Mint Hill, NC Trunk Show!
Olde Liberty Fibre Faire (Gerschubie only)
Powhatan Fiber Festival
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (Ross Farm only)
Kentucky Sheep and Fiber
Great Lakes (Ross Farm Only)
MADE Sewing Studio in Seattle, WA (Gerschubie Only)
Super Summer Knitogether, Nashville, TN (Ross Farm Only)
Michigan Fiber Festival, Allegan, MI (Ross Farm Only)

Podcast animals:
Fibretown with Emily and Alice
The KnitGirllls with Leslie and Helix and Laura and Humberto
Dog matching dyed yarn – Ancient Arts Yarn Co.

Don’t forget to comment with your suggestions for an awesome shawl pattern to use the Apple Tree Knits yarn!!

Episode 15: Lambapalooza

Episode 15: Lambapalooza

Sorry for taking such a long break, but Amy has been up to her ears (sometimes literally!) in lambs on the farm and has just not been capable of getting something coherent recorded at a decent hour when Heather was available. We hope the deluge of lambing craziness is over and we can get back to a more normal schedule for recording.

History Unwound in Colonial Williamsburg, VA
Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival

Franklin Habit, cutest knitwear designer alive
Donna Druchunas, stranded knitting maven

Podcasts I like:
The Knit Girllls

Trunk Show Saturday, March 28 at Mosaic Yarns in Roanoke with Gerschubie Fiber Arts

Olde Liberty Fibre Faire, Bedford, VA

Picnick Knits- Donny Cowl, Cordelle Shawl, Sideswept Socks, Sardinian Shawl

Homespun Yarn Party, Savage Mill, Jessup, MD
Featuring SpaceCadet Yarns, Wandering Wool

Magnificent Millie
The Mill at Meadowlands

Power Scour, Fiber Wash and Fiber Rinse from Unicorn

Kentucky’s Hot Brown

Festival Shawl
Sideswept Socks
Laura Nelkin The M Club shipment 1 ”Phi for You
Atlantic Current Socks
Through the Loops MKAL Socks

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Episode 13: Line Knitting

Episode 13: Line Knitting

Come see us at Four Purls Yarn Shop TODAY!!!!!!

They traveled to…

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort & Villas

Four Purls Yarn Shop

They knitted…

A “scarfy thingy” in handspun random braid from Scarlet Fleece knitted in continental style

Atlanitic Current Socks by Melissa Sibley

Kirsten Kapur’s MKAL Sock in my Romney

Lucky 7 hat by Sarah Punderson

Plain sock in Wandering Wool sock yarn in a lovely green

They talked about…

(Check our her sock yarn blanket on Instagram)

KSC Designs bags

They enhanced stash with…

Desrt Visa Dyewworks

Yarn shop in Black Mountain

Fabled Fibers sock yarn in Asheville

Madelinetosh sock in a dark plummy purple

Dream in Color Club yarn in the January 2015 colorway from Kid Ewe Knot

They launched…

The Tail in a Twist Cowl in Corriedale yarn from the Ross Farm in hand-dyed colorways from Gerschubie

Traveling Companion kits

Through the Loops shawl yarns

and brought “boocoodles” of yarn!

What you want to hear about…

Our sheep are “sacking up” in preparation for lambing (that means they are developing udders full of milkfor baby lambs to nurse!)

First to go in lambing are: Cotswold, Shetland and the new Leicester Longwools (mostly colored) that we added this year from MN

Traditional sheep breeds ‘go into heat’ in the fall triggered by the change in seasons and the temperature change to cooler nights. It’s wierd science.

We ate at..

Rose & Crown British Pub  at EPCOT

Johnnie’s Hideaway at The Crossroads in Orlando, FL

Look up the Orkney Islands here

Cotswold Cheese info

Scotch Egg – hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage and fried

Cider and Black – Hard Cider with black currant juice

Mexico Pavilion – San Angel Inn – Enchiladas Verde con Pollo

Narcoossee’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian

Ice wine is awesome!

They did ”unglamorous” stuff…

Tagged yarn, skeined yarn, prepped kits, received morenew yarn back from the mill to skein, tag, prep and ball roving for the next show!

They have interesting developments…

Drew will be taking “Ross Farm Team 2” on the road to do shows on his own!

Big Wayner will be doing a show in Charlotte by himself!

(Be kind to the new kids!) 🙂

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Episode 12: Revving up for the Road

Episode 12: Revving up for the Road

They are heading to…

Four Purls Yarn Shop in Winter Haven, FL on January 25, 2015 from 1-5pm! Join the Transient Wool Merchants as we take our yarns to the Sunshine State for our first ever JOINT TRUNK SHOW!!! We will have a special Top Secret collaboration for this special show!

They are knitting….

Lightning Fast Mittens by Hill Vintage and Knits **Free on Ravelry**

Lucky 7 Hat by Sarah Punderson

Atlantic Current Socks by Melissa Sibley In Cherry Tree HIll

Mystery Sock 2015 by Kirsten Kapur

Juego by Laura Nelkin

Acorn Trail Cardigan by Amy Herzog

They finished…!

Mama Vertebrae by Kelly Brooker

The Traveling Companion Shawl by Karen Strauss

They’ve enhanced the stash with…

Tonalita by Trendsetter Yarns

Tristan by Knitting Fever

My Fat & Fabulous 2.0 in the Ellyn Cooper’s Yarn Sonnets colorway

Amy suggested Wayne buy Heather a gift at….

Tolt Yarn & Wool in Carnation, WA

They’ve looked at around the web…

Dani’s etsy shop! KSC Designs

Honey Cowl  by Antonia Shankland

Discounted Brand Name Yarns


Random stuff she talked about…

Bond Street by Kirsten Kapur

SpinOff Magazine article: The Leicester Sheep by Kate Larson

Info on Cheviots: http://www.cheviots.org/

Space Cadet

Wandering Wool

HomeSpun Yarn Party in Savage Mill, MD

Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival in Pittsburgh, PA

Made Sewing Studio in Seattle, WA

Laura Nelkin’s M Club